Broadcasting conference business session

We will broadcast business session of next conference in Amman through the Internet by Adobe Connect.
It has presentation pain, video image of speaker and text chat for Q&A.
You can watch it on your PC or mobile device that Adobe Connect application is installed.
Account is required, please ask by email. Our email addrss is on ‘Contact Us’ page.

The business session is planned from 13:30 to 18:00 (UTC+3) on Wednesday 9 October.
Check your local time not to miss it.

Four speakers will show their presentation as:
1. Mr. Sallah Allouzi (General Manager of Jordan Hejaz Railways), Introduction of Jordan Hejaz Railways
2. Mr. Naiyi Hasu (Vice President, APHTRO), Douglas the Engine, A Trip to Taiwan
3. Mr. Stephen Wiggs (Chairman, New Europa Railway Heritage Trust), THE WORK OF THE NEW EUROPE RAILWAY HERITAGE TRUST
4. Mr. Kyoichi Oda (President, APHTRO), The Wolsztyn Experience, Steam train driving course to save railway heritage
5. Conference 2020 – Kyoichi Oda