On-line Conference 2021

APHTRO Conference 2021 will be held on 4 and 5 Decanber as on-line webinar.

All presentation files and text chat discussion are available for download.

Speakers and schedule:

Sat. 4 December
UTC 09:00-10:30 Railway Cultural Society Taiwan (three speakers)
1. Historic (old) Mountain in Taiwan (Mr. Youwei Liu)
2. Mysterious minecart railway in Keelung River Valley (Mr. Daniel Chien)
3. Presentation of Whole Area of Taipei Railway Workshop (Dr. Nai-Yi Hsu)

UTC 10:30-11:00 Break

UTC 11:00-11:45 PT Kereta Api Pariwisata (Indonesia)
Profile Indonesian Railway Museum (Mr. Hendy Helmy)

Sun. 5 December
UTC 09:00-09:45 Sichuan Chuantou Emei Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. (China)
Train of Jiayang (Mr. John Zhao)

UTC 09:45-10:30 Council of Tramway Museums of Australasia
Tramway Museums in Australasia (Mr. Malcolm Rowe)

UTC 10:30-11:00 Break

UTC 11:00-11:45 Asian Network of Industrial Heritage
Progress the Asian Network of Industrial Heritage (Dr. Hsiao-Wei Lin)

UTC 11:45-12:30 Indian Railways
Epic Rail Journeys of India (Mr. Ripan Dhawan)

Conference 2020 in Indonesia

Conference 2020 in Indonesia has been postponed due to Covid-19 state. Further information will be provided.

Conference 2020 will be held in Indonesia. It includes four steam train rides, visit to railway museum in Ambarawa. Everyone with an interest in heritage railways and museums will be warmly welcomed.
The details will be updated on this page.

Venue & Schedule
Schedule of the conference programme (TBD):
from Mon 7 to Fri 11 December
Steam train ride on Cepu Forest Railway
Business session
Steam train ride and visit museum in Ambarawa
Jaladara steam train ride and visit Tasik Madu sugar mill

It is advised arrival to Semarang airport until 6 December via Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to take train for Cepu.
The conference will end in the late afternoon of 11 December in Solo(Surakarta).
You fly back from Solo airport or Yogyakarta one and half hours by train from Solo.
Conference fee is less than 300USD, depends on number of participants.
Partner programme will be available on the day of business session.

Accommodation in Cepu ad Solo will be booked by each participants.
The information will be updated.

Arrival information
Please check this page or ask your local Indonesian Embassy for your Visa information.
ATMs are widely available, easy to withdraw local currency at airport and many other places.
The climate of Java Island in December is warm but it is recommended to bring long sleeve cloths for too much air-conditioned public transport.

Broadcasting conference business session

We will broadcast business session of next conference in Amman through the Internet by Adobe Connect.
It has presentation pain, video image of speaker and text chat for Q&A.
You can watch it on your PC or mobile device that Adobe Connect application is installed.
Account is required, please ask by email. Our email addrss is on ‘Contact Us’ page.

The business session is planned from 13:30 to 18:00 (UTC+3) on Wednesday 9 October.
Check your local time not to miss it.

Four speakers will show their presentation as:
1. Mr. Sallah Allouzi (General Manager of Jordan Hejaz Railways), Introduction of Jordan Hejaz Railways
2. Mr. Naiyi Hasu (Vice President, APHTRO), Douglas the Engine, A Trip to Taiwan
3. Mr. Stephen Wiggs (Chairman, New Europa Railway Heritage Trust), THE WORK OF THE NEW EUROPE RAILWAY HERITAGE TRUST
4. Mr. Kyoichi Oda (President, APHTRO), The Wolsztyn Experience, Steam train driving course to save railway heritage
5. Conference 2020 – Kyoichi Oda

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